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Baby Body Powder Classic/Floral 150gm

150 g

  • [Absorbs ancestry moisture] Excess moisture on the baby’s skin
    may cause discomfort and irritation. However, Mitu baby powder
    can help. The talc can absorb excess moisture from your skin,
    leaving it silky smooth and friction-free. As a result, sweat
    secretion may be reduced, as well as the danger of fungal
  • [Great Antiperspirant] Talcum Baby powder is an excellent
    antiperspirant that aids in absorbing the excessive sweat that babies
    experience throughout the summer. It provides a pleasant scent
    while keeping your skin clean, dry, calm, and relaxed, and it also
    reduces sweaty foul odors.
  • [Prevent Diaper Rashes] Our favorite Mitu Baby Fresh powder is
    produced from talcum, magnesium, silicon, and oxygen mineral. It
    traps moisture and minimizes skin-to-skin friction, perhaps
    reducing rashes such as diaper rash.
  • [Prevents Chafing] Chafed skin due to dried sweat, artificial
    chemicals, dirt can be cured by using this talcum-based powder.
  • [Satisfaction] Client satisfaction is our priority, and we don’t
    compromise on the quality and quantity of the product.


Mitu Baby powder is an astringent powder that may be used to treat
diaper rash and cosmetic purposes. Talc (commonly known as talcum
powder) or maize starch are two common ingredients. Additional
components, such as perfumes, may be included. Besides being a dry
shampoo, a baby powder may also be used as a cleaning agent and a
The Chamomile extracts in baby scented powder are high in polyphenols
and phytochemicals, which are potent antioxidants. It may help decrease
the symptoms of aging by shielding the skin from damage by free
radicals when applied externally.
It promotes cell and tissue regeneration, minimizing the fine lines and
wrinkles and restoring a young shine to the skin.
Zinc oxide’s mild composition keeps the infant cool, clean, and content.
It contains soothing essential oil extracts that rejuvenate the skin while
also keeping it dry and silky. The aromatic essential oils assist in
keeping the skin pleasant and comfy while also preventing body odor.
Our Scented Powder is for external use only. Keep the product away
from the eyes, nose, and mouth since it can cause breathing problems
resulting in severe suffocation. Speaking of the application, you can use
baby powder anytime. Simply sprinkle some powder on your hands and
gently apply it to the body.


Classic, Floral


150 g

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