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Baby Cologne Pink 100 ml

100 ml

  • [Alcohol-free] Baby cologne is alcohol-free and has a
    gentle formula that won’t irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.
    These fragrances include essential oils, making them ideal
    for delicate skin. Since they are non-alcoholic, there is no
    danger of evaporation.
  • [Flower and citrus fruit scent] A blend of citrus fruits,
    lavender, chamomile, honey, rose, and other flowers in
    baby oil perfumemake your baby feel fresh and content.
  • [Easy to use] Mitu Baby Oil Based Perfume is easy to use.
    100 ml cologne bottles come with a small spray applicator
    which makes application easier. Moreover, the spray
    applicator reduces the wastage of excessive products.
  • [Long-lasting Efficiency] Baby Cologne is incredibly long-lasting.  This natural oil-based perfume works like magic
    for up to four hours. Apply some cologne on your baby,
    and the fragrance will stay there for four hours.
  • [Satisfaction]When it comes to quality, there are zero
    compromises on the quality of the product, and Mituhighly
    respects their customer’s needs.


Baby cologne is a specifically made perfume for babies that is
intended to make them smell nice. Although such baby
fragrances are not required for maintaining cleanliness, many
people use them because they want their infants to smell
pleasant and fresh. Yet, some people believe that using perfume
to cover away a baby’s natural scent is inappropriate. It is
entirely up to the parents to decide whether or not to put cologne
on their children.
Mitu Baby Natural Perfume is great for your infant if you enjoy
the scent of fresh summer flowers. It provides your infant with
an incredible cooling sensation after a bath and does not have a
powdered texture in the least. It has a non-greasy, refreshing,
and fun fragrance that dries quickly.
Another feature I’d like to highlight is that it hydrates the skin to
some degree, giving it a softer, more delicate feel. Furthermore,
it is not an attack on the senses since the scent is incredibly
soothing, and use it whenever you feel like using it. Overall, it
may be utilized to provide a pleasant scent to infants.
Because most Mitu baby cologne is water-based and alcohol-free,

they are suitable for preschoolers. Using the same
fragrance as your kid helps to form connections that bring back
fond childhood memories.
A small amount ofinfant cologne should be sprayed into the
palm and gently massaged over the skin. Mitu baby colognes
have a light, delicate scent of blossoms and citrus fruits. Adults
appear to like the infant perfume for their personal use as well.
The fragrance is light and not overpowering, and it doesn’t smell
like a baby product. The scent is subtle enough to be used in
daily settings without attracting undue attention to the user.


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100 ml

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