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Carrera Dashboard Cleaner – Dust Repellent – Interior Polish Spray, 175 ml

  • [Interior Cleaner]: Carrera dashboard cleaner cleans, protects, and maintains all leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, wood, and dashboard surfaces in vehicle interiors and keeps them look newer in one easy step.
  • [Shine and Safe on Surfaces]: Dashboard polish spray is safe on all interior surfaces including, steering wheels, stereos, nav screens, dashboards, door panels, and center consoles, and gives them a shiny look.
  • [Non-Greasy Finish]: Quick and easy application, interior cleaning spray gently renews and maintains original matte finish appearance with a non-greasy satin finish that lasts for weeks.
  • [UV Protection and Refreshing]: Dashboard cleaners contain superior UV protection against fading, discoloration, and cracking from harmful UV rays with a perfect lemon refreshing odor.
  • [Satisfaction and Directions]: Your satisfaction is our priority. Keep your car or truck with dust repellent interior surfaces. Shake and use a polish spray on the surface that needed to be clean. Wipe with a soft, dry, and clean cloth until a clean and shiny look. Repeat for optimum shine.


Dashboard Cleaner is a solvent-free interior cleaner for your vehicles and also fixtures made from leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, and wood. Reliably prevents electrostatic charges from creating a dust repellent surface. Foaming action is significant for structured surfaces, achieving a soft, renewed effect with a matte finish. Dashboard spray leaves glossy shine as well as incorporates an anti-static agent to diminish the production of dust.

With a refreshing lemon fragrance of dashboard polish, it keeps your interior dust-free and allows dust not to stick again so easily. Cleaning and polishing spray gives dashboards a magnificent extra polishing effect. Dashboard cleaner formulation ensures an effective anti-UV barrier. This obstruction guarantees against blurring, staining and breaking from harmful UV beams.

Leading micro cleaning technology eliminates minor scratches and cloudiness, uncovering the sustainable, rich shade of auto paints. Car dashboard cleaner spray goes on quickly; clears off easily.

Make sure you have shaken your dashboard shine spray well before using it. Apply a small amount onto a dampened special foam applicator pad and rub thoroughly onto the surface. Apply one section at a time. For best results, wipe off the residue with a polishing cloth or towel.

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