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Carrera Motorcycle Chain Lube – Lubricate, Protect and Prevent Rust – 110 ml

  • [Protects and Penetrates]: Carrera bike chain lube applies easily, penetrates, and protects O-rings against rust and corrosion to keep them moist and pliable.
  • [Reduce Chain Friction]: Chain lube spray reduces chain friction and shock resulting in less wear and fewer adjustments. The lube becomes a sticky lubricant that keeps the chain dirt-resistant.
  • [Formulation and Easy to use]: Super tacky formulation of chain cleaner oil reduce dirty fly-off, displaces and repels water, protecting sprocket surface and extending sprocket and chain life.
  • [Enduring Efficiency and Friendly]: Petroleum-based, race-proven, and environmentally friendly with minimal rolling resistance increase the efficiency of the bike chain.
  • [Satisfaction and Directions]: Your satisfaction is our priority. Motorcycle maintenance chain oiler lube is available in spray with the nozzle to reach difficult parts. Shake well before use and let it absorb after spraying, repeat if necessary. Use red nozzle for difficult parts.


Lubricating your motorcycle chain with the Carrera chain lube reduces friction and rust to make it run more smoothly. If the cleaning lube comes with a cleaning agent, it could remove dirt and grime that reduces the chain’s efficiency.
Chain lubes are formulated with cleaning agents that dissolve solid particles and keep the chain dust and grime-free. A motorcycle chain is often damaged by frequent exposure to moisture or heavy rainfall. A good chain lube repels water and fights off rust to keep your chain in good condition. The lube also remains intact on the chain no matter how wet it may get.
A well-lubricated chain will always perform better with regard to enhancing the movement of the rear wheel. The chain lube spray limits erosion, and you’ll have an easier time negotiating sharp turns, climbing hills, and coming to smooth stops.
Make sure you have shaken your motorcycle chain cleaner well before using it. Spray it onto the desired surface and let it absorb completely. Repeat it if necessary.

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